5 takeaways from President Joe Biden's CNN town hall

July 22, 2021 at 02:21

(CNN) President Joe Biden arrived in Ohio on Wednesday mindful the days for actual bipartisan governing in Washington are quickly waning.
Throughout his CNN town hall, he voiced again and again his conviction that Republicans will come along, even though some are poisoned by conspiracies and others, he said, are "lying" on his record.
He was confronted with open skepticism by some of his questioners, particularly on the matter of voting rights.
Here are five takeaways from the town hall:'This is not a pandemic'The first six months of Biden's presidency has been overwhelmingly focused on combating the Covid-19 pandemic.
Until about a month ago, the President and his team were feeling understandably good about their progress as cases plummeted alongside a successful vaccination campaign.
Biden was visibly frustrated at his predicament on Wednesday, which he suggested was fueled by vaccine disinformation proliferating in conservative circles.
Still, Biden acknowledged some pandemic-era restrictions would have to persist, even as he hails the progress he's made since taking office in January.
Selling the planBiden entered Wednesday's town hall just as a test vote failed on his much-touted bipartisan infrastructure plan, an early blow that Biden declared "irrelevant."
Biden acknowledged it was a question he's receiving from foreign leaders, who asked him whether the US will "ever get it together."
When the restaurant owner stood up to ask how to incentivize workers coming back to work amid a nationwide struggle to retain employees, Biden acknowledged it may take some time.
Asked if expanded unemployment benefits enacted during the pandemic are playing a role in worker shortages, Biden acknowledged they could be: "Let's assume it did, but it's coming to an end."
Still, he acknowledged it has taken some getting used to hearing "Hail to the Chief" when he walks into events.

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