Liberals blast NBC News, Kristen Welker for 'normalizing' Trump on 'Meet the Press:' 'Dangerous journalism'

September 19, 2023 at 08:55

NBC News and its new "Meet the Press" moderator Kristen Welker are facing intense backlash from colleagues in the liberal media for "platforming" former President Trump.
But liberals were immediately outraged when NBC announced that Trump would be Welker's inaugural guest, and the criticism has only mounted since the interview aired.
The Daily Beast summarized her debut by telling readers Welker's "inherent skills as an interviewer were no match for a chaotic interview subject like Trump."
‘THE VIEW’ KNOCKS KRISTEN WELKER'S DEBUT ‘MEET THE PRESS’ INTERVIEW WITH TRUMP: ‘NOBODY EVER WINS’"Welker’s relative control and composure during the sit-down also allowed for some of the steam-rolling Trump successfully landed in his garbled CNN town hall," the Beast wrote Sunday.
Los Angeles Times television critic Lorraine Ali blasted NBC for continuing the media's "disturbingly familiar pattern" of "normalizing extremist chicanery for ratings."
Trump was Trump.
"The View" co-host Ana Navarro swiped Welker, saying she wished the new "Meet The Press" host did not sit down with the former president in her big debut because "Nobody ever wins with a Trump interview."
Downright dangerous journalism to legitimize this guy- in the name of having a ‘talked about’ premiere," Carter posted.
LIBERALS RAGE OVER CNN'S ‘DISGUSTING’ TRUMP TOWN HALL: ‘THIS INSANITY SHOULD BE PULLED OFF THE F---ING AIR’Left-wing ex-MSNBC host Keith Olbermann even suggested NBC launch an "internal investigation" over whether the Trump interview violated its own employee handbook guidelines.
And will anybody at NBC or MSNBC say anything about the Welker disaster with Trump?"
Poynter Institute senior media writer Tom Jones called Welker's debut "more than respectable" and said "credit" should be given to "Meet the Press" for "putting in several layers of fact-checks."
The network also signaled it anticipated blowback from liberals as Welker invited New York Times correspondent Peter Baker to defend the "news value" of interviewing Trump during the "Meet the Press" panel discussion.

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