Man makes jailhouse confession in love triangle shooting of fellow 911 dispatcher wife: 'I know I'm a monster'

September 19, 2023 at 08:50

But rather than focusing on his legal defense, Pena-Romero told Fox News Digital that he is "more focused on the safety of [his] kid and his custody battle," clearing his conscience and "let[ting] people know why I did what I did."
"All I ever wanted was to save my family, but now I know I have done more than just destroy it ...
Five hours after shooting his wife, per a police report, Pena-Romero was tracked down by Arkansas State Police with his gun in plain view.
Employees at MEMS had been debriefed and instructed not to allow their former coworker onto MEMS property.
Before she was shot, police said, Cassandra sent an "SOS text" to her coworkers, who rushed into the parking lot to find her bleeding.
Alan Yeargan, Cassandra's lover, according to police documents and social media posts, was among the first to render her aid.
Four days after she was shot, Cassandra succumbed to her injuries, her employer told Fox.
Greg Thompson, executive director at MEMS, told Fox News Digital that Cassandra was a "wonderful person and dedicated employee."
Yeargan was the one to contact police after he hadn't heard from Cassandra for a long period of time.
When they arrived, per their report, Pena-Romero answered the door and claimed he and Cassandra had just had "make-up sex."
"I actually believed him," his sister, Mitzi Pena, told Fox News Digital.
If he's safe and with a good family that's taking care of him, we're going to be good with that."

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