Reparations movement hits speed bump in progressive state: 'A lot of public education needs to be done'

September 19, 2023 at 08:55

Californians dealt a blow to the fight for reparations in the state after a new poll found a majority of voters are opposed to cash payments to the descendants of enslaved people.
A UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies (IGS) poll found 59% of voters oppose cash reparations , with 44% saying they are "strongly opposed."
"We've consistently found that reparations at present do not enjoy majority support and that's especially the case when respondents were asked about cash reparations as a form of reparations," he said.
"I think that there is a, kind of a tendency to believe that there will be greater support for reparations policies in more progressive states than in more conservative states.
ACTIVISTS DEMAND HIGHER PAYMENTS FROM CALIFORNIA REPARATIONS TASK FORCE: ‘$200 MILLION’ PER PERSONRhodes added that the conversation around reparations is still in its infancy and, "There still is a lot of public education that needs to be done."
The California Reparations Task Force , launched in 2020, released its final report in June, proposing ways to calculate monetary compensation, as well as recommendations to address health disparities, mass incarceration, over-policing, housing discrimination and the devaluation of African American businesses.
Kamilah Moore, the chair of the task force, told FOX News Digital there were two silver linings to the IGS poll.
"The only caveat is, even with that, I guess, a majority of respondents don't think that cash specifically is the appropriate solution," she said.
The reparatory justice scholar added that there are four other forms of reparations besides cash payments that could offer some form of redress: restitution, rehabilitation, satisfaction and guarantees of non-repetition.
Satisfaction, for example, could also include a formal apology on behalf of the state of California for its role in slavery, Moore suggested.
She told FOX News Digital the task board learned during their two years of research that over 2,000 Black people were enslaved in the state.
"One poll is not going to stop the reparations movement, and it shouldn't stop the California state legislature, Governor Newsom on the state level, or Congress, or the president on the federal level from doing the right thing," Moore said.

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