Two paramedics suspended after grandmother alleges they falsely pronounced teen's death

July 22, 2021 at 01:31

Two Houston paramedics have been suspended for seven days following an investigation involving the resuscitation of a teenage boy that failed to meet "standards and expectations," authorities confirmed to Fox News.
Williams grew concerned after Jacah didn’t urinate all day.
The boy’s lips were turning white and when Williams pressed on his nails, the color wasn’t returning, she told Fox News.
In an emailed statement to Fox News, Houston Fire Chief Samuel Peña said: "The vast majority of our employees serve our community with care, honor and distinction.
At the conclusion of the investigation I found cause to sustain on rule violations, which resulted in a 7-day suspension without pay."
According to Williams, two paramedics from the Houston Fire Department responded to the January call at a hotel where the family was staying.
"The heavy set [paramedic] took Jacah’s wrist, and he said, ‘Oh yeah ma’am he’s gone,’ and I said, ‘What?’ ‘Yeah ma’am.
Williams said she grew frustrated, and scooped Jacah up to head for the hospital when one paramedic offered to perform CPR.
Jacah began to vomit out of his nose, and while Williams prompted the paramedics for a suction machine, another paramedic appeared on scene and took action by starting CPR on the boy, Williams said.
The morning after Jacah was admitted to the hospital, staff allegedly informed Williams that the child’s organs were shutting down and he was dying.
I’m not doing this and I’m not leaving this hospital without my kid, so you do whatever you have to do,'" Williams said.
A rep for Memorial Hermman Northeast Hospital did not immediately respond to Fox News' request for comment.

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