DC councilmember introduces bill aimed at tackling district's uptick in violent crime

September 19, 2023 at 08:48

A Washington, D.C., councilmember announced Monday a new proposal to address the rampant crime in the district, months after Congress stepped in to overturn a criminal code criticized for being soft on crime.
Councilmember Brooke Pinto introcuced the "Secure D.C. Plan" to address the proliferation of "crime and violence" in the nation's capital.
In a bipartisan effort, President Biden and Congress moved to eliminate a crime bill in March after the D.C. Council attempted to soften the district's criminal code.
Critics of the rewrite, including Democrat Mayor Muriel Bowser, argued that the resolution would "embolden violent criminals."
"We are experiencing a crisis of violence in the District, and we must address the gaps in our legal system in order to prevent the proliferation of violence in our communities," Pinto said in a statement.
My comprehensive package of legislative initiatives is a compilation of common-sense, targeted interventions that will urgently and practically improve safety for DC residents."
Pinto introduced the "Secure D.C. Plan" Monday morning ahead of a public hearing with the district's Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety.
"The Secure D.C. Plan that I am proposing today creatively and expansively addresses some of the most pressing challenges facing our communities," Pinto said.
"I hear from residents every day about the need for accountability when harm occurs and how desperately residents want to feel and be secure in their communities.
I hear from justice-involved individuals about the lack of access to job training and career development opportunities."
SURVEILLANCE VIDEO SHOWS DEADLY SHOOTING OF DC SPECIAL POLICE OFFICER DURING TRAININGThe councilmember added, "My Secure D.C. Plan fills these gaps and addresses the need for interventions targeting all angles of public safety – from prevention, to accountability, to ending cycles of violence."
CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP"I am glad Councilmember Pinto introduced these bills today, and I support her plan to improve public safety in the District.

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