Searide X000: The hybrid, anti-covid and artificial intelligence custom luxury cruiser

October 23, 2020 at 07:46

October 23, 2020 (Viz Release) – – The Searide International company has presented this month of October 2020 its new luxury catamaran model, hybrid, anti-covid and that incorporates artificial intelligence: The Searide X000.

As a result of 3 years of collaboration with the M1 Abram Power shipyard team (Águilas, Murcia), Searide International (UK, London) has designed and is currently in the last phase of production of the first two units of a new concept catamaran that takes full advantage of green energy.

The Searide X000 is the first hybrid and autonomous catamaran integrating and combining the latest technologies in solar energy, wind energy, and even more innovative, with an exclusive design of water turbines capable of providing up to 20kw / H of hydraulic energy.

The result translates into a generation capacity of more than 40 Kw / H taking advantage of the “clean” energies of the sun, wind, and the sea, to which add 80 Kw / H by electric generators coupled to its powerful diesel engines of 1,000 horses.

This power generation is supported by battery banks specially designed by Searide International for marine environments, based on lithium technology (Tesla design), with a total storage capacity of almost 400 kilowatts, giving the boat almost total autonomy.

The Searide X000 also has a daily production of 2,000 liters of desalinated water, including antibacterial filters and ultraviolet radiation devices, such as the most advanced technologies for the production of clean and potable water, being also completely “autonomous” in this section.

The Searide X000 obviously benefits from being able to sail, in a simple way, with all its automated elements, and with the latest navigation technologies developed in the most demanding competitions, in collaboration with the renowned manufacturer B&G, and can even operate in semi -autopilot.

The hybrid motorization is also an exclusive Searide design, with powerful diesel engines of a total of 1,000 horsepower coupled to electric motors of a total of 40kw, allowing a cruising speed of about 6 knots with green energy, 12 knots with the diesel engines, and up to 20 knots with the combination of both.

According to Fernando Ventureira, CEO of Searide International, “The concept of a catamaran that takes full advantage of green energy also forces us to consider the sea as an environment in which a maximum level of safety must be maintained. That is why we have chosen to combine a good electric motorization capacity with a diesel engine, which is very efficient, low consumption, but with maximum power. At sea, every sailor knows, safety comes first. ”

Inside the Searide X000, all the elements have been adapted to be “Anti-Covid”. All surfaces were designed according to the protocols of the intensive care units of the German health agency, and all commands and controls can be operated by voice, without contact.

In addition, the heating / air conditioning system (present in all instances) has HEPA filters, the same one used in airplanes, and each instance has its antibacterial ozone and ultraviolet air cleaner.

The Searide has a unique artificial intelligence system developed in collaboration with Google AI that allows to control, manage and optimize the operation of any element of the boat from any device (Computer, Tablet, Mobile) and from anywhere. That same artificial intelligence system incorporates voice recognition, fingerprint security, infrared cameras and 5G wireless technology in all rooms.

The hull and the other elements of the Searide X000 are made up of a reinforced superstructure, specially designed for maximum safety and optimal navigation behavior, for greater tranquility and the greatest enjoyment of its passengers.

The Searide is presented as a catamaran in the luxury sector, with contemporary, streamlined and refined design finishes, with noble materials of the highest quality, carefully harmonized by renowned international designers and craftsmen.

Its first models (X001 and X002), in the final phase of production, have a length of 20 meters and a beam of 10 meters.

Located in their 2 shells, they have 5 spacious cabins, all suite-type, one of them being double-sized (the so-called “owner’s”), as well as a full guest bathroom and two crew cabins (up to 4 members). ) and diving equipment.

On the deck level, there is a large aft terrace, ideal for breakfasts and lunches outdoors, with a solar shower and a descent to the beach platform that includes an auxiliary boat of Searide design and type “RIB” of 4 meters for 6 people, and its corresponding hydraulic system to lift it on board.

It also has an automatic retractable gangway to facilitate the embarkation-disembarkation of passengers.

In the bow, we find a large solarium with comfortable sun loungers and enjoy the typical and usual network that most catamarans have.

The kitchen, TV room, dining room and helm station have a spectacular surface area of ​​more than 100 square meters, totally open-plan and glazed.

The floor of this main floor is also glazed, with a marine vision, and for which the play of colored lights installed in the hull provides a spectacle similar to that of an aurora borealis when reflected in the movements of the sea.

In the part of the upper terrace (the fly), you can enjoy some elements and a chillout atmosphere, with a bar, barbecue, large and comfortable sofas, seawater SPA and a second, more “private” solarium area.

With all this, the Searide X000 is defined as “a 500m2 houseboat”, cozy, modern and safe, ideal for families and groups of friends who want to enjoy the sea with all the comforts, and in a simple way.

In addition to the two units already in advanced production (X001 and X002), and whose opening ceremony is scheduled for May 2021 at the Juan Montiel de Águilas Marina, the Searide International company already has an order book of 8 more units, with models of 16, 20 and 24 meters in length.

an order book of 8 more units, with models of 16, 20 and 24 meters in length.

From a marketing point of view, Searide International offers through its website ( the possibility of acquiring elements and equipment specially designed for demanding marine environments, selected and specifically manufactured for this project, such as batteries, underwater lights and cameras, auxiliary boats, generators, solar panels, wind and hydraulic turbines, etc …

Searide X000 units offered as co-ownership will be made available in different geographies aimed at a mainly European but also international market (Mallorca, Canary Islands, Barcelona, ​​Marbella, Lisbon, Corsica, Adriatic, Greek Islands, Dubai and The Bahamas ). This will allow co-owners and investors to have the same boat in different locations without having to resort to expensive transfers.

Searide International already offers the soon-to-be-available models (X001 and X002 for May 2021) with flexible purchase, shared purchase, financing and investment options with a return of up to 10%.

In the words of Fernando Ventureira “We want to make our catamarans and our concept of luxury private cruises accessible to as many people as possible, and for that reason we offer flexible ways, from simple rental, to joint ownership that allows you to completely forget about day-to-day of the monthly costs of a boat, and even generate economic returns as an investment, until the total purchase of a more tailored Searide unit ”.

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